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Jyoti Iyer

Dr. Jyoti Iyer (aka Jyoti Ramdas) is a Senior Patent Counsel of the firm, where she focuses on patent procurement, patent portfolio strategies, counseling, and opinions. Dr. Iyer specializes in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food sciences, nutraceuticals and material science arts. She has extensive experience in a variety of technology areas that include pharmaceutical formulations, compositions, and methods of treatment; plant extracts, methods of preparation and methods of treatment; chemical compounds, compositions, methods of making and use.


  • JD, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington D.C. (2003)
  • Postdoctoral Research, Department of Pharmacology, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland (1999)       
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India (1994)
  • M.Sc., Biochemistry, M.S. University, Baroda, India (1987)
  • B.Sc., Chemistry, M.S. University, Baroda, India (1985)


  • District of Columbia, Attorney-at-Law
  • Maryland, Attorney-at-Law
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office, Registered Patent Attorney


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  • Kansara M.S., Ramdas J., and Shrivastava, S.K. Phytochrome mediated photoregulation of NAD kinase in terminal buds of pea seedlings. J. Plant Physiology, 134(5):603-607 (1989).

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