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Jordan Intellectual Property Law, LLC

As one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the U.S., Jordan IP Law, LLC (JIPL) is focused exclusively to providing strategic guidance, counseling, and portfolio management in areas relating to patent and trademark law. Our experienced team of attorneys-at-law include former USPTO Patent Examiners, in-house counsel, professors, researchers, and engineers.

 JIPL is recognized as an industry leader amongst IP firms that specialize in patent and trademark prosecution. We help  extend  the  growth  of  your  business  by providing high quality services that meet your strategic and business goals. Our clients include members of the Fortune 500, start-ups, universities, government agencies, and research facilities. JIPL’s seasoned team of patent and trademark professionals provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to help clients achieve their corporate objectives.  

 At JIPL, we are truly committed to providing experience you can trust.



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